Podcasts for medics looking for more

Are you a physician looking to change careers or explore all the different possibilities in and outside of medicine? Then these podcasts could be for you!

The Doctor’s Crossing Carpe Diem Podcast with Heather Fork, MD

Perfect for physicians questioning their career path. Heather Fork offers practical advice to apply to your life now. A former dermatologist in Texas, Heather now works as a physician career coach helping hundreds of doctors find rewarding work in whatever is right for them. Listen to the many different physicians who have made transitions from clinical medicine to another walk of life.

Proof that you can change whenever you need to and that anything is possible. No need to limit ourselves.

The EntreMD Podcast

Dr Una’s about me starts with: Physician turned entrepreneur. Speaker. #1 Best-Selling author. Host of a Top 100 Podcast. Business coach for physicians.

Her podcast is perfect for those wanting to take back power in their own lives. She helps her listeners become the CEO of their own lives.

Beyond becoming an entrepreneur, being able to ditch the victim mindset is a gift Dr Una offers.

The Scrubbed In Show

Dr Abdul Choudhury and Dr Amz Rahyead are the creators of The Scrubbed In Show by Peerr. They’re junior doctors that share the incredible stories of people in healthcare and entrepeneurship.

Great to hear different stories as well as hearing from women in medicine and people of colour.

Life After Medicine Podcast with Chelsea Turgeon

Chelsea Turgeon left her O&G residency program to become a digital nomad. Now Chelsea travels full time and works as a coach. In 2022, she made her first $100,000/year income through her business alone.

Now she has a great community called Life After Medicine with a Facebook group as well.

Chelsea is proof that you don’t need to finish specialty training if it’s not working for you.

Listen to her podcast if you want inspiration and to hear stories from physicians that have done something different.

The Student Dose by You Okay, Doc?

A great podcast for medical students hosted by current or recently graduated medical students. They discuss all things “medical school” with a focus on wellbeing and mental health. Some great episodes including breaking the medical student mould and transitions in medicine. The student branch of The YOD Pod.

Have a listen!

The YOD Podcast by You Okay, Doc?

YOD’s mission is to change the way mental health is perceived in the medical sector and to develop bespoke mental health support for doctors.

Listen to the amazing stories of doctors who openly discuss everything mental health. You’re never alone!

Creative Careers in Medicine Podcast

Health writer and journalist, Andrew Bracey, interviews doctors who have embarked on nonconventional routes in medicine.

Listen to the many stories of doctors proving you can be more than a medic.

Hear from docs that are also authors, digital health, film makers, musicians, and more.

There’s also a Creative Careers in Medicine Facebook group.

Stimulus Podcast with Rob Orman M.D.

Rob Orman worked as an emergency physician for 20 years in the USA before becoming a certified executive coach.

His podcast Stimulus covers a variety of topics; like burnout, making mistakes, bouncing back, sleep tools and financial advice.

Worth a listen to, I particularly like his episode – Bouncing Back After a Tough Case.

More than Medical Students with Marianne Gazet

Marianne Gazet started this podcast as a medical student. The title of her podcast is just what Balanced Medics is all about. More than medical students speaks with many talented medical students who prove that we can’t fit in a box.

More than medics, more than med students, we all have unique gifts to offer.

Speaking multiple languages, every episode is also translated to French.

Junior Doctor’s Corner with Dr Dana

Dr Dana created this podcast as a resident medical officer when she found the support for junior docs lacking. She speaks about her first day as a doctor, when her worst nightmare happened. Another moving episode is her interview with Jessica Abbot, who tragically lost her sister Dr Chloe Abbott to suicide in January 2017.

This podcast also speaks on burnout, breaking down stigma and has a star-studded guest list such as Dr Yumiko Kadota and Dr Geoff Toogood.

Physician Non-Clinical Careers with John Jurica, MD, MPH, CPE

John Jurica has such a wealth of knowledge when it comes to physician non-clinical careers in the USA. These possible career paths can also be applicable to other countries if you do a little bit of further research.

Listen to this podcast if you want to hear about all the opportunities available to doctors and to be inspired for change.

The Mind Full Medic Podcast with Dr Cheryl Martin

Cheryl Martin is an ED Staff Specialist. Her podcast is all about exploring broader definitions of health, well-being and optimal performance.

With episodes on topics such as: exercise as medicine, advancing Australasian Doctors’ Health and loading organisational change in clinician wellbeing.

Have a listen if you have a special interest in wellbeing!

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