Are you searching for more in your life and career?

This coaching is aimed at helping you uncover your truths and connect with who you really are. And in doing so, you’ll find that everything opens up, your relationship with yourself, life, and career.

My commitment is to see you, for all of you, in every conversation. No judgement. To be a space where you can express what you truly want, so that you can live your life guided by your internal compass, beyond external expectations.

Want to get started?

Schedule a free 30-minute chemistry session to see if coaching with me is the right fit. If it’s a resource that gives you value, let’s work together.

Currently, I am in Co-Active Certification and offering accessible prices to those who want to work together now. If you’re interested book below.

Common questions

Can I count this for Continued Professional Development?

Yes! Leadership and development coaching counts towards reviewing performance.

I’m a doctor, but don’t know if I should leave medicine or keep going. What should I do?

I get it. I was in the same position you’re in right now. All these years of training can make thinking about leaving terrifying.

During our sessions we will look at your situation right now. We’ll examine things and figure out what’s working, and what’s not. It doesn’t mean you have to leave medicine, maybe it means changing certain parts of your life or how you speak to yourself to improve them.

Everyone is unique, and for some they will transition to a new career in medicine, a non-clinical career, or something completely different.

This space is a safe one, where you have permission to dream and say what you may have never allowed yourself to say. I’m here to support you, believe in you, and help bring the dreams you want to life.

Do I need to be a doctor to access coaching?

No! Balanced Medics Coaching is dedicated to empowering individuals from all walks of life to achieve their personal and professional goals. Though I am a doctor by background, my coaching training emphasises the whole person. We all have unique situations in life, but I always commit to seeing you for all of you, beyond job titles.

How many sessions will I need?

I recommend a minimum of three sessions and optimally six. This allows us to dive deep into your situation, develop actionable strategies, and begin to witness tangible transformations in your life. You’re very welcome to have a free chemistry call to explore what your goals are and what you need to design your ideal life.

Where are the sessions held?

Currently, all our sessions are held remotely through video call. There is an option for phone calls if video is not accessible.

How often would we meet?

Typically, a coaching relationship would mean meeting 1-2 times a month for one hour. This frequency can vary, depending on your situation and needs. For example, when your life has higher activity you may like to work together more frequently. In the end, you’re in charge of your journey and we can co-create what works for you best.

There are no lock in contracts and you can cease or reduce your package at any time.