Changes in medical registration & CPD requirements – Australia

Ahpra has announced a change in medical registration requirements, which will affect most practitioners.

As of January 2023, there is new medical registration & Continued Professional Development (CPD) requirements for almost all of us. As of January 2024, we all need to join a “CPD home”.

Previously working a certain amount of weeks a year was sufficient to meet registration renewal requirements. Now, you will need to meet a minimum of 50 hours of CPD and have record of this.

What does this mean and how can we meet these requirements?

New CPD requirements

  • Be registered with an accredited “CPD home”
  • Write an annual professional development plan
  • 50 hours CPD per year relevant to your scope of practice
    • 12.5 hours educational activities (EA)
    • 25 hours reviewing performance (RP) & measuring outcomes (MO) (minimum 5 hours of RP and 5 hours of MO)
    • Remaining 12.5 hours for any of above categories
  • Self-evaluate your CPD for that year
  • Keep records of your CPD in case of an audit

CPD Homes

  • Click here for info on CPD homes and who is accredited
  • An organisation accredited by the Australian Medical Council (AMC) to provide a CPD program for medical practitioners
  • Accredited medical college
  • Doctorportal Learning that is now called CPD Home
  • More to come, click the link CPD Homes for a complete list
  • TOP TIP: you can use any college as a CPD home if you pay membership (e.g. if you’re not in a training program but pay RACGP membership you can use RACGP as a CPD home)

Who is exempt

  • medical students
  • interns in accredited intern training programs and doctors in postgraduate year 2 positions who are participating in a structured program that leads to a certificate of completion
  • medical practitioners who have limited registration in the public interest or limited registration for teaching or research (to demonstrate a procedure or participate in a workshop) and who have been granted registration for no more than four weeks
  • medical practitioners who are granted an exemption or variation from this standard by their CPD home in relation to continuous absence from practice of at least six months and up to and including 12 months for parental or carer leave, serious illness or other approved circumstances
  • medical practitioners with non-practising registration.
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What if I’m not with a training program?

  • You don’t need to be with a training college to have a CPD home
  • See above list for exempt practitioners
  • You will need to join a CPD home by January 2024

Educational – CPD

  • Active learning modules
  • Study towards formal qualifications
  • Supervised practice
  • Lectures, forums, panels
  • Courses and workshops
  • Reading, reviewing, listening to educational materials
  • Teaching
  • Supervising and mentoring
  • Research and publishing
  • Editing or reviewing research

Measuring outcomes – CPD

  • Audit on own practice
  • Root cause analysis
  • Incident report
  • Individual quality improvement project
  • Audit (practice, national or international)
  • M&M meetings, case conferences
  • Quality improvement project
  • Multi-disciplinary team meetings
  • Assessing incident reports
  • Leading, analysing, writing reports on healthcare outcomes

Reviewing performance – CPD

  • Coaching
  • Wellbeing education
  • Professional development plan
  • Self-evaluation and reflection
  • Direct observation of practice by colleague
  • Patient experience survey
  • Multi-source feedback
  • Workplace performance appraisal
  • MDT meetings
  • Peer review group meetings
  • Medical services survey/review
  • Participating in clinical governance
  • Accrediting/auditing practices, hospitals, training sites
  • Medico-legal work

Keep up to date with your state/country requirements as renewing registration is more straight forward than reapplying.

For a more extensive list of what activities could be included click here.

RACGP has also created a very helpful list here.

Hope this helps!

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