Blogs for medics rethinking their career choice

If you’re questioning your career choice and wondering if you need a change, you’ve come to the right place. Balanced Medics is for those wanting to design a life that aligns with their values. As well as promote physician health.

Hopefully this website helps and this list of blogs I’ve compiled below!

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Doctor’s Crossing

Dr Heather Fork was a dermatologist who had her own practice in Texas for nine years. She didn’t really love what she was doing, and sold everything and moved to a cabin in the hills. Dr Fork then realised what she had always enjoyed doing, and trained to be a careers coach. She founded Doctor’s Crossing and continues to help guide medics to this day.

Entre MD

Dr. Una is a power house. This force of nature has created EntreMD, dedicated to empowering physicians to become the CEO of their own lives. She helps medics create their own businesses through her EntreMD Business School. Her blog posts talk about career transitions, burnout, and how to become more satisfied in your career.

The Disillusioned Medic

Dr Anjalee Perera founded the Disillusioned Medic. A great resource for doctors who are feeling lost, and rethinking their career. I stumbled across this site during one of my many desperate Google searches of “how to quit medicine”. The blog post about what to do if you want to quit medicine really saved me in some of my darker moments. The realisation that I wasn’t the only one thinking about quitting medicine was a revelation.

Dr Tooni

Dr Toni Liu went from “model Asian child” to “great big failure” when she left medicine to follow her own path. However, for her, she just started truly living life when she listened to her own wisdom. Check out her blog posts to hear her story.

Scalpel and Heart

Karen CalcaƱo is a Physician Assistant from the USA who aims to help medical professionals regain control over their lives, well-being & finances. The Scalpel & Heart blog is a deep dive into Healthcare Worker Wellness.

Coach Chels MD Blog

Chelsea Turgeon quit her O&G training when she realised she was on the wrong path. Though the decision at the time was difficult, Chelsea has never looked back or regretted her choices. She is currently a digital nomad! Living her best life.

Some of my favourite posts

  1. 15 tips: What to do if you want to quite medicine by Dr Anjalee Perera, Disillusioned Medic
  2. The Dangers of Alternative Careers Lists for Doctors by Dr Evgenia Galinskaya
  3. 5 Tips for Handling the Emotional Side of Leaving Medicine by Dr. Morgan Leafe

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