Hi, I’m Isabella and I’m a doctor that left clinical medicine and have spent the past seven years searching for different avenues inside and outside med.

I started Balanced Medics after a few years working in the Australian public hospital system. From the outside it looked like everything was going great. Married to my loving husband, about to start General Practice training and with my life “all sorted”.

What people didn’t know was how on the inside I felt this path wasn’t right for me. I was searching for something more.

I tried many things to make it work, because after so many years of study I didn’t want to throw in the towel (or disappoint my family). So I took annual leave, I worked as a locum and cut back on hours, and then switched to a non-clinical job.

After half a year of this I withdrew from GP training, founded Balanced Medics and became a coach. I’ve always wanted to help and serve others, coaching is exactly this. My dream is to help as many people as I can to discover the truth of their own hearts and live a life that’s on their own terms.

Currently I’m working to become an ICF certified coach and am in training with the Co-Active Training Institute.

From previously feeling like a victim of my circumstance, I’ve begun to live life on my own terms.

I know we all can, and we deserve it!

I hope to give value to you through The Balanced Medics’ Handover podcast, blog, resources, community and 1:1 coaching. Your answer is already within, it’s just time to dig a little.

My Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (Hons) from Western Sydney University
  • Currently studying a Master of Public Health (Health Promotion and Advocacy), University of Sydney
  • Completion of Fundamentals, Fulfillment, Balance and Process coaching courses with the Co-Active Training Institute